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This collection is inspired by an abandoned, derelict industrial building and its decayed materials, which I believe have a unique beauty and character that reflect local history and experiences of life. As it is reclaimed by nature, I am reminded of the cycle of life and death, and am filled with a sense of hope and possibility.

Latest Collection

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Maria Hammond

I'm a mixed media artist, inspired by the transformative process of time and the representation of memory in buildings and objects.  I'm driven by sustainability and believe that jewellery can make a statement about our relationship with the environment. By using materials that go unnoticed, or go to waste, I seek to create pieces that are both beautiful and responsible, that reflect the beauty in aging and the stories that are embedded within the materials themselves. 


Interested in learning more about my work? Want to collaborate, or want to commission a piece? Please leave me a message. Or email me directly

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