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Maria Hammond Amulet.jpg

Fragments With a Future

Product Design and Craft BA final project

This jewellery collection is inspired by an abandoned, derelict industrial building and its decayed materials, which I believe have a unique beauty and character that reflect local history and experiences of life. To understand my attraction to the transformative process of time and the representation of memory in buildings and objects, my practise includes burning, patinating, oxidising, and carving. Through these techniques, I aim to create pieces that catch a snapshot of disappearing industrial sites and the beauty in the textures and patterns of their decaying materiality.

I have been influenced by Hermann Junger’s use of found materials, Taylor Fentz’s industrial jewellery, Suzanne Elstner’s charcoal pieces and Trinidad Contreras’ sculptural works based on everyday objects and textures. 

By using materials that go unnoticed, or go to waste, I seek to create pieces that are both beautiful and responsible, which capture a sense of history and emotion in pieces that reflect the passage of time and the stories that are embedded within the materials themselves. My work carries a sense of narrative and emotional resonance, connecting wearers with their own personal histories and the wider stories of their environment, through the materials that surround them.


My current work will be on display at my graduate show on the 10th -21st June, at Manchester School of Art.

You can also catch it at New Designer's 28th June- 1st July, Business Design Centre, London.

The amulet- captures the memory of the site- in the materials, the lichen covered branch, the shape. Not only does it hold my memory, when wearing it at the site it felt like a compass, guiding me to more abandoned treasures within.

These shapes, patterns and textures stayed with me in my memories of the mill. They are witnesses of the passage of time, sculptures of aging.

First trials

While exploring I like to pick up pieces of flakey paint, tufts of lichen and other little material souvenirs. 

The capsule allowed me to contain and carry these mementos.